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… to each according to his feeds (week of 5.11.14)

May 17, 2014

And as (not really) promised, here’s some feeds I read this week.  (View expressed are not necessarily my own, blah blah blah …)  It’s been a busy week.

Is Snowden a spy? — Stewart Baker

Tyrannosaur cousin Pinocchio Rex with long snout discovered – Delhi Daily News

NASA’s Lunar Orbiter has new version of the famous ‘Earthrise’ image – Tech Times 

FCC chair updates proposed broadband rules after criticism, seeks comment on reclassification  —  Agency Won’t Let Firms Segregate Web Traffic Into Fast, Slow Lanes  —  The head of the Federal Communications Commission is revising proposed rules for regulating broadband Internet …

Yeah, we’ll see how that plays out …

FCC chair cracks door open to reclassifying broadband as a public utility — Jon Brodkin / Ars Technica

AT&T Warns FCC Of A Parade Of Horribles That Wouldn’t Actually Happen If FCC Reclassifies Broadband — Mike Masnick / Techdirt

Bring on the FUD

The 1999 tech bubble was about naive optimism, but now it’s about gross entitlementOm Malik / Gigaom

Eddie Vedder teams up with The Hulk to call for net neutrality — Kwame Opam / The Verge

Trial By Combat: It Was Real And Spectacular — Elie Mystal / Above the Law

You used to hire a champion to fight for you in legal disputes, now you hire an attorney to advocate.

Advertiser May Have Claims Against SEO Firm Using Undisclosed Spammy Practices — Eric Goldman / Technology and Marketing Law Blog

There may be hope for victims of bad SEO (although, frankly, this case isn’t a great example …)

Apple and Google declare patent truce, will dismiss all current lawsuits — Jeff John Roberts / Gigaom

This is big news.  The behemoths have put down their guns.  Focus on biz, people.

EFF ‘Who Has Your Back’ report standouts, for better or worse: Apple, Yahoo, Amazon, Snapchat — Levi Sumagaysa / SiliconBeat

In case you’re curious who is thinking about the consumer and his/her privacy and such.

San Diego Wildfire Can Be Seen From Space – YottaFire

Just because I live in San Diego, and it’s been a devastating and hot week, with fires.

Read the FCC’s controversial new net neutrality proposal — Jacob Kastrenakes / The Verge

And now the proposed rules are out for public comment.

Mad at the FCC? Use this code to create your own “slow lane” on the Web — Jon Brodkin / Ars Technica

How a mayor’s quest to unmask a foul-mouthed Twitter user blew up in his face — Nate Anderson / Ars Technica

… and the followup

Peoria should “fall on its sword” in Twitter debacle, says local paper — Nate Anderson

 The Three Big Lies: How The Federal Government Kept Its Post-9/11 Spying On Americans A Secret — Mike Masnick / Techdirt

U.S. revealed secret legal basis for NSA program to Sprint, documents show – Ellen Nakashima / Washington Post

Because one can’t leave without talking about the NSA …

Here’s that FCC net neutrality compromise everyone demanded.  And here’s the problem. – Stacey Higginbotham / Gigaom

Saved this for last.   One of the better explanations of the intricacies involved in the FCC/Net Neutrality debate

* * *

And we’ll see you soon, perhaps.


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