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Glossary of CyberLawLatelyisms

When I’m working, I can’t just make words up, or mash-up existing words.  Ahhh, but here . . .  So here’s a glossary of some made-up words on this blog.

* * * * *

aughts: The decade spanning 2000-2009.  Example:  “Hey, it’s the aughts, man.”  Lots of folks thought of this one, but it just never caught on.  Bummer.

BitTorrenters:  (pl)  More than one BitTorrenter;  those who BitTorrent.

BlitzBlurb:  A super-quick fact rundown (blitz = lightning [German]).

Class-actioneers:  Parties involved in a class-action lawsuit; especially the representative parties.

decas:  The decade spanning 2010-2019.  Example:  “Hey, it’s the decas, man.”  It can still be spelled 10s.

Main Entry: deca-
Variant(s): or dec- or deka- or dek-
Function: combining form
Etymology: Middle English, from Latin, from Greek deka-, dek-, from deka — more at ten

: ten <decasyllabic> <dekameter>

Mirriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary


don’t: Synonym for “doesn’t.”

Duh!: Duh!

levitist: One who delights in or excels at levity.

Milwaukonomy: The economy of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

scamspam: A scam attempted via spam.   It just looks cool as one word.

Viagracentric: Concentrated about or directed to Viagra.

YankIt letter: A notice pursuant to the DMCA telling an ISP you have rights to copyrighted material on a page they’re hosting and they’d better remove it to avoid liability.  An UnYankIt letter is what a party posting the allegedly copyrighted material can send to the ISP to try to get his or her content back online.





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