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feeds & feeds ~ real law (week of 6.15.2014)

June 21, 2014

Stuff happened this week on the legal front.  First, there’s the Supremes:

Bad Day for Bad Patents: Supreme Court Unanimously Strikes Down Abstract Software Patent — Daniel Nazer and Vera Ranieri | EFF

… and we have some heartening news re the NSA – at least the House cares a tiny bit about its constituency:

House votes 293-123 to cut funding for NSA spying on Americans — Megan Geuss | Ars Technica

House votes to limit NSA’s ‘backdoors’ spying — Levi Sumagaysay / SiliconBeat

EFF Statement on Passage of Massie-Lofgren Amendment Regarding NSA Backdoors — Rainey Reitman | EFF

… but good news doesn’t last long:

Whistleblower Crackdowns, Self-Censorship, Stonewalled FOIAs: The 1st Amendment Under Attack — Peter Van Buren | MoJo

… this is just nutty; no “right to be forgotten” in the US, and Techdirt is not the right place to send a request:

Techdirt Receives Its First ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Request — Mike Masnick | Techdirt

… some fun on the copyright trolling front (not fun for the trolls):

Elf Man v. Lamberson: presented with the evidence of wrongdoing, plaintiff attempts to run away — SJD | Fight Copyright Trolls

Prenda lawyers who sued over “assclown” taunt must pay $12,000 in fees — Joe Mullin | Ars Technica

… just because these are important:

Court adopts a Fourth Amendment right to the deletion of non-responsive computer files — Orin Kerr | The Volokh Conspiracy

Narrow (but unanimous) Supreme Court decision supporting government employee speech rights — Eugene Volokh | The Volokh Conspiracy

… no, it’s not that YouTube is going to block indy artists:

That Story You’ve Read About YouTube ‘Blocking’ Indie Artists… Yeah, That’s Not Accurate — Mike Masnick | Techdirt

… and finally, the geek in my is amused (spoiler ~ Twitter’s new GIFs are really MP4s):

Gasp: Twitter GIFs Aren’t Actually GIFs — Greg Kumparak | TechCrunch

Next week, more stuff. etc.tcj


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