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feedish (week of 6.8.2014)

June 17, 2014

A little late this (last) week, so we’ll keep it short:

Copyright Troll Accuses Critic of Leading “Psychopathic” Hate Group — Andy / TorrentFreak

This is just fun.  Troll shakes down small players, and doesn’t like it when they defend themselves, or when people … you know, talk about it.

Elon Musk Destroys The Rationale For Patents, Opens Up All Of Tesla’s — Mike Masnick / Techdirt
What Elon Musk did — and did not — do when he “opened” Tesla’s patents
 — Jeff John Roberts / Ars Technica

Opening up Tesla’s patents makes for more infrastructure, standardization, and is actually (gasp!) consumer friendly

The NSA Won’t Hand Over Data Because It Literally Can’t Keep Track of It — Ashley Feinberg / Gizmodo

Oh, but we have to collect everything on everyone … except we don’t know what to do with it (except invade privacy, I suppose).

Google Books Round 86: Libraries Win Yet Again — James Grimmelmann / The Laboratorium

If you haven’t been following this issue, short version:  Google’s scanning of books is fair use, and preserves history. Duh.

Facebook Gets Easy Section 230 Win in DC Circuit–Klayman v. Facebook — Eric Goldman / Technology & Marketing Law Blog

After volumes of case law on the subject, you’d think that litigants would figure out you generally can’t sue the platform for the defamatory (or offensive) content of its users (or its editorial decisions) …

Thinking Like A Lawyer Is A Technique — Not A Lifestyle — Kevin McKeown / Above the Law

Posted only because I want to find it in the future.  I’m so very guilty of thinking like a lawyer (specificity, please!) when I should just it go.  Not good for relationships.  But then … sometimes you can’t help yourself.

And that’s that.  Perhaps more timely next week.



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