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PROTECT IP / E-PARASITES Act: Worse to Worser

October 27, 2011

Just dropping some links to important stuff, first from Mike Masnick @ TechDirt, who tells it not-like-a-lawyer: PROTECT IP Renamed E-PARASITES Act; Would Create The Great Firewall Of America | Techdirt.  In sum, the House version broadens the bad.  Says Masnick:

The bill would require service providers to block access to certain websites, very much contrary to US official positions on censorship and internet freedom, and almost certainly in violation of the First Amendment.

Of course it’s supposed to be about protecting copyrights, but ulterior motives breath beneath the surface, and bad results sure to follow.

Eric Goldman’s Technology & Marketing Law Blog drops this quotable with more links in his 10/5 Copyright Quick Links:

 The PROTECT IP Act is an abomination. I signed a law professor letter against PROTECT IP. Entrepreneurs circulated their own letter. Larry Downes offered some suggestions on how to make the PROTECT IP Act less worse.

I had touched on the Protect IP Act previously, back when it was just awful.   Happy surfing.

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