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Google+ v. Facebook – Why can’t we just get along?

July 17, 2011

Got your Google+ invite yet? I got one, but who has the time?  Looks promising enough … but, I guess Buzz did too, and I was the only one I know who spent any time on Wave (er, nonproductive time).

Anyway, interesting piece in TechCrunch by Tom Anderson (yes, the MySpace guy who left messages for you and seemed so … nice) on why he uses Facebook, and G+, and they’re both cool, except for this or that, and they can live in the same universe … oh, and Facebook didn’t kill MySpace.  Good read though.  Is Social In Google’s DNA? | TechCrunch.

But … apparently Facebook ain’t so happy about G+, no sir.  Or one would think, after Facebook suspended this dude’s ad campaign asking folks to add him to their G+ profile.    And to add insult to injury, Facebook apparently killed all of his ad campaigns, though he’d never had a problem before.

I’m not gonna go through the TOS argument for Facebook (terms say you can’t advertise competing product), or the silly “Facebook’s terrified” argument either.  More, it’s just a public relations thing.  News spreads fast nowadays.   And knee-jerk reactions that give someone an argument they’re scared of Google+, like this all-campaigns thing, are pretty easily avoided.  I’m still pretty confident Facebook will survive Google+, but then I like both the Padres and the Cubs.

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