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OK, Maybe This Massive Array of Tiny Antennas Will Skirt that Pesky Copyright Law…

April 22, 2011

CloudedNice tie-in to the whole Zediva bit, where they rent you videos remotely (their disc and machine; you play them from home), and the unsurprisingly quick lawsuit in response.  We turn now to a beta test in NYC … called Bamboom.

In this case, it’s a little more complicated, but still requiring an inordinate amount of infrastructure to function. Thousands of teeny-tiny little antennas, to be precise.  ‘Bout thumb sized.   And they’re placed at strategic points all around the city (never mind how one might purchase a thousand nickel-sized easements).   And you the consumer rent your own tiny antenna from them, as well as a remote DVR, and stuff.  Then you can watch stuff on regular broadcast TV.

Huh?  Yup.  Broadcast TV.  OK, the pitch they make is:  Why have that DVR and all those cables and stuff cluttering up your house.  It’s cloud TV.   But then it’s Internet TV too, and Netflix will be integrated as well and social media.   But as the LA Times points out, what if your broadcast reception is good anyway?   Why pay for broadcast?   And what about that stuff you actually watch on cable?

No matter.  “Teeny-tiny HD antennas” are pretty cool, and Bamboom apparently did the shrinking themselves.  There’s gotta be some value in that.  Kudos. But there will almost surely be more lawsuits.   Seems like a preemptive Declaratory Relief action asking a court what their rights were before infrastructure installation might be a cheaper out, but then, I still think there’s some let’s-do-it-anyway-and-shoot-for-licensing-if-it-goes-south mentality at play here.  That’s just me.

Here’s Ars Technica on the subject:  Legal this time? Startup offers local TV on the ‘Net, with a twist.

Awesome photo credit: flickr/schumannrsonance
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