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Righthaven Wrong – Copyright Troll Eats Mud with Bogus Assignment

April 20, 2011

Hearkening (?) back to my screed on Copyright Trolls and Shakedown Lawyers and the followup with with real-life Granny in C&D-Land we get some good news, which I’ll BlitzBlurb as follows:

Righthaven trolls around looking for potential copyright violations (bloggers mostly) for the companies who own the Las Vegas Review-Journal (where I worked for a week once in the eighties), and the Denver Post.   Then it sends ’em a C&D and sues ’em and shakes ’em down for some quick cash.

So then the EFF and others go and get the Strategic Alliance Agreement between the parties unsealed,  to learn that the only right assigned to Righthaven by the publishers was the right to sue, and that don’t shake out.  So’s we’ve got a plaintiff without standing to sue becausea no copyright to enforce.  And there are a bunch of outstanding cases that are likely to topple under the weight of Righthaven’s own duplicitous hubris.  Ohhh …  the humanity.

Here’s where EFF lays is out, in layman’s terms even.

But wait, there’s more.  EFF also reports that Righthaven’s completely unfounded and totally predatory, heavy-handed (ham-fisted even) threat to seize the domains of  allegedly-infringing bloggers also took a hit, with a judge finding no legal basis to do so in a copyright infringement claim – which is, actually, obvious if you work in this area, but you still need a judge to agree with you and now there is one.

Here’s the TechDirt and Slashdot takes on it for good measure.


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