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Don’t Wanna Chuck Your Cell Phone in the Bay in Protest? Sue AT&T for Taxing your Internet!

January 23, 2010

I’ve been sitting on this blip in the Chicago Sun-Times about a guy who wants to sue AT&T for taxing his Internet access in violation of the federal Tax Freedom Act.   Stories on people who want to sue people are … um, only interesting afterward, if at all.

Then looky what I found: Lawsuits: AT&T collects illegal taxes on Internet access.  Now we’re talking.  The article discusses several class action lawsuits over the taxes in various states  — all run by the same counsel, who apparently can’t spell iPhone (I-Phone? Really?)

BlitzBlurb:  Internet service not-taxable per the TFA ’til 2014; AT&T taxes Internet access; well, it depends on how you define Internet access; clear as mud; let’s sue to find out.

Of course, these cases may all wind up doing the settlement mad lib and pay the attorneys a whole bunch and AT&T stops taxing … although they claim they were going to do that anyway.  But it’s certainly possible in the circumstance where we have over 81 million subscribers that AT&T might just want to see what the Courts have to say about this.

In any event, I kick AT&T their monthly juice, and I wouldn’t mind saving a few pennies, regardless of whether by judgment or settlement.  It’s not likely I’ll ever get my money back.  What I’d prefer is a gift card to In-N-Out Burger.   That would make this potential class plaintiff very happy.


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