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Moosehead and/or Moose Head = Concussion Repercussion

January 4, 2010

Hence the category “Random Hertz.”  The only thing related to the Internet here is that the victim was an Internet Design Consultant.  And the Moosehead was an actually actual moose head, in a NYC establishment.  And it fell on the Internet Design Consultant’s apparently nonplussed nonmoose head.

Kumra is seeking unspecified damages from the eatery for “failing to ensure that the plaintiff and other patrons of the defendants would not be struck by the loosely affixed moose head,” according to the news source.

I’m pretty sure that is not an established cause of action in NY.  Maybe try … uh, Negligence perhaps?

Falling Moose Head Leads to Concussion, Lawsuit | Avvo News.

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