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I Can’t Believe I Eat That Much! (Data, that is.)

December 12, 2009

C|Net reports on a new study from UC San Diego that claims we consume 34GB a day of information and 100,000 words.   “Data” here includes both digital and non-digital information.   Americans consumed 3.6 zettabytes in 2008.   Eileen Zimmerman tries to help one conceptualize the size of a zettabyte in her article  “How Much Information is Too Much Information.”  “Tries” is the key term here.  It’s just too big.

With that kind of data intake, how do you maintain a healthy info balance?   The key of course is exercise and smart consumption.  Try to minimize the fatty data, like online video games and HD multimedia streaming.   Take plenty of fiber data, like books and other tangible reading materials.   But avoid bad fibers like fiber-optics, which are bulging with data.  Free-roaming radicals, like getting out and doing something, help maintain health and burn data.  And organic data, like actually talking  a person, can be an efficient and fun way to exchange data without bloated intake.

Try to get at least 20 minutes of exercise three times weekly (20/3/7).  But if you exercise with ear buds in, you can cancel all the benefits of those moments away from your digital catheter.  Remember, it’s not the bandwidth that hurts you in the long run, it’s the volume.  Good luck.


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