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This Blog is Dead and All of the Posts are Old

April 26, 2015

I have retired this blog.  Things change. Please do not read further, as This Blog is Dead and All of the Posts are Old.

(We’re are still at it of course — ten years+  now.  See our newish secure site:

Revenge Porn Conviction (the part where I was on TV)

March 14, 2015

When Kevin Bollaert was convicted for running a Revenge Porn site (no … he wasn’t!) in early February, KUSI News San Diego called me for an interview.  My info was sketchy – reports that he was convicted for extortion and identity theft, usually accompanied by wrong statements (again) that Bollaert was busted for running a revenge porn site.  Of course, the site itself would be immune from liability for user-generated content per the CDA §230.  So it must have been the part where the poor victims whose private photos ended up on the site could get them removed for a modest fee; and the part where Bollaert solicited private information from the perps regarding the victims.

Anyway … the news truck came down and I yakked at them for 20 minutes or so.  They kept the “Just be careful,” advice.  I supposed it plays better on TV than where I advised, “Be alert; be vigilant; be circumspect; be judicious.”  (That was a little experiment for my own personal edification.)

And reporter Kristen Cusato paid attention and absorbed and pretty much got it right.   Which was refreshing compared to the other reports saying the conviction was for running the website itself (see above).

Can’t embed the video on this not-self-hosted blog (I’ll get to it someday), so > Here’s a Link

… a delayed feeding (12.10.14)

December 10, 2014

Got caught up in real life again, and haven’t been posting – about which I do not apologize, as my guitar and piano chops are coming back.   But, here’s some links from my feeds … some of which may be relevant and/or useful, or not, in no particular order, except I suppose we should open with CIA Torture Report (the general contents of which, btw, is quite old news, we just hadn’t seen the details yet).

That’s enough of that.  Now for some less depressing stuff.

Next time, we give you, ah, maybe I’ll link to some all-wrong cover tunes I’ve been doing instead of all this.


bucket ‘o tech/law feeds (week of 7.27.2014)

August 3, 2014

And here we are again with some of the stuff I was reading last week – in no order whatsoever.

That’ll do…

f-fuh f-fuh f-f-feeds

July 27, 2014

Well it’s been two weeks, and my collection of links is pretty expansive.  So I’ll just keep most of them to myself, and here’s some random stuff that’s not too old…

Yeah, pretty mixed up… next time perhaps a thematic approach again.


feederishly (week of 7.6.14)

July 13, 2014
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I’m thinking, meh … don’t really have a lot to say this time round.  Much of the big ugly same, and the NSA.  So here’s some of this week’s feeds maybe clustered by subject, but that’s about it:

… More Disruptive Innovation v. Entrenched Interests …

And this is just hilarious…